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Take better travel shots and see Slovenia in a different way…

Join one of our fun, relaxed and fully-guided photography day-tours and explore some of Slovenia’s top photographic locations.

Our guides are all expert photographers and will provide insider tips and give personal viewpoints on how to achieve the travel shots you want, as well as give advice on using different camera techniques and handling your camera.

We can custom photography day trips to suit your specific needs and to include the locations of your choice; just let us know what you have in mind and we’ll help plan your ideal day.

No matter what your skill level, booking a photography day trip with us will ensure you return with a whole new perspective on what you can do with your photography and will also guarantee an unforgettable travel experience.

Tour details

All year round
€350 – €450 per trip (not per person)
Group size
1 – 6 guests
Larger groups on request
Photography tuition, guidance and all transportation.


  • Photography tours can be arranged to start earlier or later include sunrise or sunset photography opportunities
  • Itineraries can be adapted to your personal needs and level of fitness
  • Camera and equipment hire is possible by prior arrangement
  • Any digital camera is appropriate for our tours but you should have a basic working knowledge of your camera and its settings
  • Wear comfortable shoes and weather-appropriate outdoor clothing as we will spend the majority of the day outside and on the go
  • A spare battery, memory cards and a tripod are recommended.

Photography day trips

Take better travel shots and see Slovenia in a different way…

Photo Trip Ideas

Lake Bohinj and Triglav National Park

Best time to go: All year round
Duration: Full day
Notes: Be sure to wear hiking shoes, the walks are not demanding, but we will walk off the beaten track. Easy to combine with lake Bled.
Situated in the hart of the Julian Alps, Lake Bohinj has stunning scenery all year round. People who love the outdoors will fall in love with Bohinj. A very nice way to experience Lake Bohinj is to go canoeing on a summer morning. There are also numerous hiking trails that lead up to the mountains and even to Mt. Triglav. A more comfortable way to enjoy great views on the lake and Julian Alps is to take an air tram up to Mt. Vogel, which is a ski resort in winter and a pasture in the summer. Hidden behind the mighty cliffs of Vogel, you’ll find the Savica waterfall, about which many epic poems have been written. In nearby traditional villages, we can try traditional specialties like Ajdovi krapci (a buckwheat dish) and Bohinj’s celebrated cheese.

Skofja Loka Medieval Town

Best time to go: All year round
Duration: Half day
Notes: Easy half day trip, that can be extended to Gorenjska region.
Škofja Loka is a small and sleepy town situated at the confluence of two rivers which are both named Sora. The medieval old town is beautifully preserved with original frescoes, 500 year-old houses, impressive churches, and a castle just above the city. On our visit to Škofja Loka, we can discover the story of the coat of arms of the city and view the oldest man-made bridge in Slovenia.

Velika Planina

Best time to go: Winter or Summer
Duration: Full day
Notes: Hiking shoes are advised. In Winter warm clothes are necessary.
Velika Planina is the biggest Slovenian mountain pasture. It is situated in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps and is accessible by air tram. Summer is the best time to visit if you want to enjoy easy hiking and try traditional herdsmen food. All the pastoral huts have been constructed in a traditional way and, together with cattle and herdsmen, they make great scenery for photography. In winter, it is possible to ski in the area or just hike around the snow-covered huts.

Rakov Skocjan and lake Cerknica

Best time to go: All year round
Duration: Full day
Notes: The water levels at Cerknica and Rakov Skocjan are very unpredictable. Ask for the recent situation.
Within the mysterious Notranjska region, with its dense forests (where the sight of a bear is not unusual!), lies Cerknica, a town famous for its “vanishing lake”. The lake might be full of water or it might be completely dry, but it is always a marvelous place for photography. We will explore the Rakov Škocjan Regional Park, where rivers “disappear” and reappear from the surface. A nice day in the unspoilt nature of Notranjska can be combined with a visit to Postojna Cave and Predjama Castle or Križna Cave.

Krizna Cave Adventure

Best time to go: All year round
Duration: Full day
Notes: The water levels at Krizna Cave are very unpredictable. If the water level is too high it is not possible to reach the most photogenic locations. Ask for the recent situation.
Križna Cave is probably the most beautiful underground cave in Slovenia, with a sparkling green river that is only accessible by boat. Within the cave, there are fantastic limestone formations, perfect for underground photography. At the entrance you will be provided professional caving equipment (rubber boots, clothes, lamp and helmet). The guides have led photographers into the cave many times and they are of great help at making photos in this difficult conditions. The photographic trip usually lasts 4-6 hours. Not far away from Krizna lies Sneznik Castle, one of the best-preserved medieval castles in Slovenia and the only one that still has all of its original furniture and valuables.

Piran and the Coast

Best time to go: Summer and Autumn
Duration: Full day
Notes: There are different variations that can be organised, also with combination with Karst area
Piran is the most beautiful city in the North Adriatic. Throughout its turbulent history, it has been strongly influenced by Venetians, and this influence can be clearly seen in the beautiful architecture of the old town. While Piran is a small city, exploration of the area will certainly keep a photographer occupied for an entire day. There are also interesting excursions to make around the areas surrounding Piran – Sečovlje Saltpans, traditional seaside villages, or even a panoramic flight over the coast. On our way out of Piran, we can also make a short stop at Hrastovlje Church to observe the stunning 15th century frescoes, and we can also visit Socerb Castle, which features a viewpoint from where it is possible to gaze across to Croatia and Italy.

Ptuj Town and Jeruzalem Vineyards

Best time to go: Summer and Autumn
Duration: Full day
Notes: Wine tasting is optional, but we recommend it.
Ptuj is a small city situated near the Drava River (a tributary of the Danube). ,It has a well-preserved medieval old town, but its history dates back to the Roman times, when they erected temples in honor of the sun god Mithra. Ptuj is also home to Ptujska Klet, the oldest wine cellar in Slovenia — a must see! Only fifteen minutes away from Ptuj, there is also the Jeruzalem wine region, home to one of the most picturesque countrysides in Slovenia. In autumn, the vines turn from green to yellow and form lovely textures on the slopes.

Soca River Valley

Best time to go: All year round
Duration: Full day
Notes: We recommend this to be a two days trip. Only this way it is possible to appreciate all the beauties of the valley.
The Soča River rises from the heights of the Julian Alps, which give the river its wild character and emerald-green colour. The river and the whole valley have their charms all year-long; summer is a season for water sports and hiking in the surrounding mountains, while the quiet and calm of winter is a wonderful time for photography. Many consider autumn to be the most beautiful season as the trees change colour and tourist traffic slows. Besides the river and the valley, there are plenty of other sights to photograph, waterfalls, forests, alpine flowers, wildlife,and – of course – the majestic mountains!


Best time to go: Summer and Autumn
Duration: Full day
Notes: We recommend this to be a two days trip.
The Prekmurje region is the most remote part of Slovenia; it lies to the northeast of the country, bordering Hungary, Croatia, and Austria. The whole area is flat, which is ideal for agriculture. There are small villages scattered all over the region where it is still possible to find people living the traditional way of life. Prekmurje is also famous for its warm hospitality, excellent wines, and delicious food. Gibanica cake is a regional dessert that is appreciated throughout the country region and hearty Prekmurian bograč stew will help anyone regain their energy after a long day of snapping!

Logarska Valley

Best time to go: Spring, Summer, Autumn
Duration: Full day
Notes: Hiking shoes advised.
Logarska Valley, nestled in the heart of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, is enshrouded by lofty peaks of 2000 meters and higher, and it is a haven for a landscape photographers. Most especially in the spring, when the meadows in the valley are bursting with yellow dandelions while the mountain peaks are still covered in snow. At the end of the valley, there is the Rinka Waterfall, which is one of the most celebrated waterfalls in all of Slovenia. Here in Logarska, there are also many opportunities for relaxed hiking and exploring this untouched nature all year-round.

Triglav National Park and Julian Alps

Best time to go: All year round
Duration: Full day
Notes: Hiking shoes and warm clothes (in Summer too)
Triglav National Park is the biggest protected nature preserve in Slovenia. It covers a large part of Julian Alps, including Lake Bohinj and the Upper Soča River Valley. Because of its size there are various different trips that can be organised: mountain hikes, trips to waterfalls and rivers, winter hikes (depending on accessibility), and event wildlife photo safaris. Triglav NP fascinates in all seasons.

Karst Wine Region

Best time to go: Summer and Autumn
Duration: Full day
Notes: Wind-proof jacket might come handy in Autumn and Winter
Karst is the most mysterious region. There are more than 100 different caves in the area, with over 20 of them open to the public. The most famous caves are Postojna Škocjan, and Križna. However, there is more to Karst than its caves. The area also boasts Lipica Stables, from where the renowned Lipizzaner horses originate; the beautiful settlement of Štanjel; and the vineyards of Vipava valley. Local specialties here include air-dried prosciutto, Teran red wine, and “Jota” (sauerkraut and bean) stew.

Plitvice Lakes National Park (Croatia)

Best time to go: Summer and Autumn
Duration: Two days
Notes: Plitvice lakes trip can only be organised as two days trip.
The Plitvice Lakes National Park is UNESCO site, and one of the highlights of Croatia. It is a truly natural wonder that lies between Zagreb and the Dalmatian Coast, and is famous for its crystal clear lakes, cascades, waterfalls, and pristine nature. At least two days are necessary to fully explore the park with a camera.

Ljubljana Photo Walk

Best time to go: All year round
Duration: 2-3 hours
Notes: Walking tour that starts in the old town
Ljubljana is a beautiful city that offers great photo opportunities. Most of the photogenic locations are within and nearby the old town. The beauty of Ljubljana is in its details; there are plenty of hidden treasures just waiting to be photographed. We can adapt the tour to your wishes, be it duration, subjects (people, architecture, cityscapes,…), or time. Not only will you get plenty of great photos, you will also get more out of the city than what is on offer with a regular sightseeing tour.

Lake Bled and Surroundings

Best time to go: All year round
Duration: Half day or full day
Notes: Easy to combine with lake Bohinj and Vintgar Gorge.
Bled is arguably the most photogenic place in Slovenia. Its lake with small Baroque church situated on the small island in the center is a must for every photographer, and an even-better vantage can be had from Bled Castle, which sits on a high cliff just above the lake! In summer, Bled is usually packed with tourists, but this only adds to the atmosphere of the place. The lake is surrounded by beautiful mountain peaks, and from here you can catch a glimpse of Slovenia’s highest peak, Mt. Triglav. From here, a short climb to Osojnica hill is recommended as it offers the best views on the lake and the mountains behind. Not far from Bled, you can visit the narrow Vintgar Gorge, where the stunning Radovna River rises from the Julian Alps.

Photography day trips

Take better travel shots and see Slovenia in a different way…

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